Qualitative Function Analysis -supplemental

Perhaps there might be a hint as to what we're meant to be doing here, based purely on observing human social dynamics as technological and social growth trends amplify our efforts and inspire paradigm shifts that change the entire focus of the Human Experience/Endeavour. It's simple, really. We process (ie Eat) just about everything we … Continue reading Qualitative Function Analysis -supplemental


OPEN SUICIDE LETTER TO AN OLIGARCH   For years now, I have been telling you  fuckers... sorry, I meant to say Beautiful People... that I fully accept that I have become contaminated with cynicism and disgust, and thus, have become a full-blown crank. You were expected to laugh. Smirk, at least. I welcomed it, actually. … Continue reading GenerationXplanation

The Weed Shaman’s Last Sermon

Yes, there ARE contributing factors other than the nebulous 'climate change' hobgoblin. Corporate greed tied to a deliberately and carefully nurtured willful ignorance in the majority of the disenfranchised populace of… and this is key… the entire western world… are you still reading? We also have an invisible religious orthodoxy in the western world that … Continue reading The Weed Shaman’s Last Sermon

The Sea Is Constantly Changing

Hello, Friends. I am still working on the series. Life has been getting deeply complicated and both emtionally and physically--as well as spiritually, if I'm honest with myself--draining, recently, but I assure you, I'm not ready to give up on 'My Great Work (and Despair)' yet. It sure IS lonely here on Mars, tho... ~Lee

The REAL Reason We DID All Of This…

...You know, this whole 'Building The Perfect Civilisation' phase is a compulsory exercise. You can't actually conduct proper Field Work in a bloody war zone. Mise en Place, bitches! A place for everything, and the Best Tools kept in a cool, dry place, amirite? There are actually a handful of really obvious, super-specific questions found … Continue reading The REAL Reason We DID All Of This…

The Order of Muses 001 – The Otherside Job

All turned quiet I have been here before A lonely boy hiding behind the front door Friends have all gone home There's my toy gun on the floor Come back, Mom and Dad You're growing apart You know that I'm growing up sad I need some attention I shoot into the light. ~ Peter Gabriel, … Continue reading The Order of Muses 001 – The Otherside Job

NEW tCSoN STORY IDEA (for OPEN discussion)

Cosplay Models and Instagram Models unite with popular Virtual Gallery curators to form a creative collaborative alliance involving registered micro-payments for time spent in certain galleries in-character performing pre-scripted sequencences and improvising concepts and bits that they themselves can get authoring co-credit and remuneration for. I will need to think of this as live theater … Continue reading NEW tCSoN STORY IDEA (for OPEN discussion)